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Horseradish Cream Sauce

I served this with the grilled venison tenderloin. But it can be used with almost any game, beef, bison, fish or even chicken it is so versatile. OMG!!!! So good. And so easy. Anne Burrell is my hero! Guests loved … Continue reading

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Grilled Venison Tenderloin

I had 2 venison tenderloins in my deep freeze since October of last year. It was a nice sized doe that was taken on my property. Today for our July 4th dinner, I grilled them for my friends who are … Continue reading

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English Beef Pot Pie

This is an easy recipe to make in a crock pot and then finish fast in an oven. I made this last week and it is good! 2 lbs Beef, Bison or Venison, stew or round steak, cut into 1 … Continue reading

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Tater Tot Casserole

Okay. I was introduced to this dish when I moved to Texas. I will not dare to imply that this recipe is haute cuisine, but it is fast and easy for a week night dinner when mom & dad are tired from a … Continue reading

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Beef Breakfast Bake

My husband saw this dish made on a series that he watches, “Cattleman to Cattleman” on RFD-TV. Of course, they used beef but any ground meat will, even pork I suppose, but it would have a different flavor profile. We made … Continue reading

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Mike’s Red Beans and Rice

I have had 2 packages of Beef Chorizo sausage in my freezer for about 10 months. I was hesitant to use it because I cooked some pork Chorizo and really didn’t like it. Well, a couple of days ago Mike, my husband, was … Continue reading

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Chile Rellenos Bake

This is so easy and tastes so good. It is a one dish meal! 1 pound lean Ground Meat, Beef, Bison, Venison, Lamb 1 small Onion, chopped Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste 1 pack Taco Seasoning … Continue reading

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Beer Battered Venison Steak

Early in the week my husband made this for dinner and it was great. The batter was so crispy and light just like fish and chips wrapped in newsprint that I used to eat in Scotland! Batter: 1 1/2 cups All … Continue reading

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Penne Pasta Bake

This is a nice and easy make ahead casserole. Make it the night before you want to use and when you come home from work, pop it in the oven. Goes wonderfully with garlic. 1 box (16 ozs) Penne Pasta … Continue reading

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Venison Stew with Lentils and Barley

Since my husband has been ill and couldn’t hunt we have been missing our meals of venison. Fortunately, a couple of our good friends gave us 2 deer that had already been processed! Yes! Venison is a very healthy red meat … Continue reading

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