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Carrot Slaw

I like using dark raisins in this dish because they look so nice with the deep orange of the grated carrots. This is a fast and easy side dish for picnic parties, BBQ’s or whatever you have happening on t … Continue reading

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Green Tomato Mince Filling

This is another food (in addition to Chicken Fried Steak) that I made friends with since moving south. At the end of the growing season, there are always pounds and pounds of green tomatoes. This is another way to use … Continue reading

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Easy Berry Smoothies

This is a nice treat for anyone any time for day! And it is gluten-free. 1 cup frozen Berries of your choice (blueberry, raspberry, cherry) 1 1/4 cups Vanilla Soynilk or Vanilla Rice Milk 6 oz gluten free French Vanilla Yogurt … Continue reading

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Plum Soup

Okay, this is about as “fou-fou” a dish that I serve. But it is very good for cold soup. Think of it as a plum smoothie in a bowl.  Really it’s yum. 8 ozs Sour Cream, regular or low fat … Continue reading

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Apple Butter

I never liked the apple butter that you can buy from a store so I didn’t eat it until I started canning my own 3 years ago. In September and October I can approximately 40 pints of Apple Butter. I … Continue reading

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