Low Carb Buffalo Blue Cheese Omelet

I just bought a Kindle cookbook on Keto recipes and this was a fast and easy one. It is from Elizabeth Janes’ “Breakfast Ketogenic Cookbook: Quick and Easy for Weekdays / Brunch for Weekends”. I love buffalo wings, buffalo sliders and even buffalo cauliflower bites. This is yummy!

This recipe can feed two to four people depending on the size of the individual omelets.

  • 4 ozs. Cream Cheese, softened
  • 4 Tbls Blue Cheese crumbles
  • 2 Tbls Hot Sauce like Sriracha (or to your taste)
  • 6 Eggs, beaten
  • 2-4 Tbls Butter or Coconut Oil
  • Sea salt and Pepper to taste

Garnish: Sliced green onion or salsa

Heat a non-stick pan over Medium High heat. Melt enough butter or coconut oil for one omelet. Combine the cream cheese, blue cheese crumbles and the hot sauce in a bowl. In a microwave heat this mixture for about 15 seconds. Mix well until incorporated.

Pour the amount of beaten egg into the pan. You can use half for two generous sized omelets, a third for 3 or a quarter for four omelets. When the egg is set and firm spoon some of the buffalo sauce on half of the omelet. Fold the omelet over to cover the buffalo sauce. Cover and cook for another minute. Remove from the pan and keep warm in the oven while you finish the rest of the omelets.

Depending on your garnishes the carbs can be as low as 2 grams per omelet.

About okieranchwife

I am a transplant to Oklahoma and an escapee from an unspecifed Northeast State. I enjoy growing my gardens and cooking what I grow.
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