Merry Christmas Dinner 2021

Christmas is just about a week away. I am planning to go shopping in my two deep freezers for the Christmas meal just like I did for Thanksgiving lunch.  Inflation is crazy. I was in town a couple days ago because I needed to go to the feed store. Wow, the creep feed  that I buy for the horses and my chickens has gone up three dollars in six months for a 50 pound bag.  

My menu planning includes a whole roaster chicken ($2.00 quick sale), orange zest cranberry sauce (.99 cent bag of whole cranberries bargain from last Christmas sale), English pea salad (canned peas from the pantry and my own pasture raised chicken eggs), chicken liver pate (a one pound container of livers from my  deep freeze), three pounds of homegrown sweet potatoes ( my harvest was six and a half pounds from one pot. I used half for Thanksgiving.)  and a persimmon pecan pie (foraged native persimmons from my property and quick sale pecans from last Christmas sales).

I thought I was going to pay full price for the two oranges I need for the cranberry sauce, however, I found two oranges on quick sale for .39 cents. YES! Sorry, saving money makes me very happy.  I also found four sleeves of reduced celery for .50 cents each.  Reduced sweet onions priced at .79 cents for two large onions.

I admit I will need to buy some brandy or cognac for the chicken liver pate. I also need a nice bottle of Merlot for mulled wine. Oh and a nice bottle of a dry white for the meal. Only my brother and I will be at the Christmas meal, but that’s okay. It will be nice and quiet.  

I will post all of the recipes in the lead up to Christmas so you can try them.

About okieranchwife

I am a transplant to Oklahoma and an escapee from an unspecifed Northeast State. I enjoy growing my gardens and cooking what I grow.
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