Gwen and Morgann: new additions on the farm

This is not my usual post. I have to vent about thoughtless and irresponsible people. The one thing that I don’t appreciate living way out on a dirt road is the fact that people come by and dump dogs. I HATE the fact that these people feel their former pets are disposable items. When I bring an animal into my home, it is for life. That is just the way I am. Two of my current five dogs wandered up to my house. Ummmm, well now four of seven.
These two sweet girls had been walking up and down the dirt road for about a week. When we went to town today, they were at the entrance to my driveway. I could see their ribs and I could not just drive away. I lured them with food into my yard and into the kennel on the front porch. They were so hungry. I gave them a little food and they kept it down. They are flat out sleeping now because they have a safe place to rest. Well, I have named them and so I’m keeping them. Gwen is the white female puppy. Morgann (La Fay) is the tan one. She looks like a mix of boxer or mastiff. Both have such sweet personalities. I just cannot understand people who would ditch a dog. I understand that the economy is hard for alot of folks but there is no reason for doing this.
Gwen and Morgann1

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I am a transplant to Oklahoma and an escapee from an unspecifed Northeast State. I enjoy growing my gardens and cooking what I grow.
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